Car Detailing Tips


The surface of your car often represent your personality and hygiene. It is like your face and you want to keep it clean. A glowing car surface is the most beautiful thing about having a four wheeler. In order to get a glowing effect, you need to take proper care of your car and that can be a difficult task. However, with the invention of modern car cleaning tools, it has become more of a Do It Yourself kind of task. If you know the techniques, you can detail your car just like the professionals. If you are planning to do the cleaning and detailing on your own, here are some tips for you

Start with Air and Brush

That’s how professionals do it, they start with compressed air and scrub brushes. You got to have a functional air compressor to get the dirt away for the surface. It is not an easy thing to do as you have to get rid of every little piece of dirt. The car carpets are the most the difficult to clean, you can use stiff brush to clean the carpet. It helps to loosen the dirt and get rid of those quickly. If you’re the seats of your cars are made of leather, you can use conditioners to clean those.

Duct Cleaning

The air conditioning of your car will start to smell really bad if you don’t clean the duct regularly. You can use a small pipe of compressed air to blow the dust out of the duct. Aim for the walls behind the duct and fire the compressed air through the vent. The dust mainly sticks on the grilles wall and cause the bad smell inside the car. You will see plenty of dust coming out of that vent. If you clean the air vent regularly, your car will smell like a new one.

Tire Cleaners

You should use nonacid based tire cleaners to get the best result out of tire cleaning. Professional use acid solution to clean the tires and make those look like into new ones. However, as you are doing it yourself and not being a professional you should stick with nonacid solutions. If not handled properly, acid based cleaners can damage your wheels and its paints. Also stay away from detergents as those can damage the paint of the surface. Car detailing should be in a proper order; you have to clean the tires before you can move to the body.

Hand wash the Body

It is the best way of cleaning your car body and it also helps you to connect with your car. As professionals say, hand wash is the best type of carwash. It allows you to get to know about your car surface and find out every single details. Never use detergents to wash your car surface, it surely gives your car a shiny look but it also damages the paint work. You should specific car wash solution to clean the car surface.