Tips to buy a good condition second hand car


I have personally felt the urge of buying a car. It is a luxury and an asset but every time the budget does not support it. People do go for second hand cars for a limited budget.

But is it a good option?

Well, I would say it is provided you buy a car that worth your money…

There are plenty of options to buy a car, but not everything is buyable. I have seen people ending up in frustration after buying a car which looks great but lack in performance. So it is very important to understand the quality of a good second hand car before buying it. It is very important to buy a good condition car rather a car. So if you are planning to buy it then it is better to go through it once.



The first thing that I see in a car is the condition of the engine. It is the heart and the brain of the car. I always recommend getting it checked by a trustworthy mechanic if the knowledge about the engine is less. I personally do not prefer a car with engine older than 7-8 years. I once bought a used limousine for my customer who did a complete rework on this limo and now it has been restored brand new and serving its customers wonderfully.


 It might sound like an economical tip, but it is noteworthy. It simply indicates the condition of the car. The lesser the mileage is the poorer the condition will be. However, it should always be compared with the mileage of the same model in new condition.


Honestly I do not even look at the cars which are not clean enough. A well maintained car should only be entertained. It dramatically increases the longevity and performance of the car. It should be well polished and also thoroughly cleaned.


I always check the model and the year of built of the car. It is very important for further maintenance. There are many cars which have been phased out by the company. It becomes a huge headache to maintain the cars as the spare parts of the car become tedious to get. So make sure the model you are buying is still running on the road.


 Now the most important part of all, the price of the car should be well investigated. I generally check and compare the price with multiple vendors. I also prefer to estimate the value of the car with the conditions. A reliable mechanic can be more helpful in such scenarios. Make sure you are paying the correct price for the car of buying.

Last but not the least you should always take a test drive before buying it. I take the test drive and try to analyze the comfort of driving it. I always make sure the amount of work it needed. Ensure it does not need any further maintenance as it will make the car overpriced.

Buying a second hand car may sound pretty easy but it needs much attention. A Little bit of ignorance can make you feel high and dry. So, invest time, effort and research before investing money on it.