How to maintain your car in daily basis


Car is a dream comes true for everyone. There was a time when purchasing a car was a big deal. The times have changed and I do understand that the percentage of people owning a car is far more now. It is simply because of purchase capacity of people and the affordability of the cars has increased. However, that does not reduce the significance of owning a car. It is still one of the best asset and purchase one has. It is often seen that people tend to have attachment with cars and they care for it. If you maintain a car, it will be less costly for you in the longer run. However, everyone is not aware how to maintain the car effectively. It is not only cleaning and shining it every morning, but keep it healthy as well. There are few things that should be kept in mind while maintaining a car. Here is how you should maintain your car.

Check your Engine

The engine is the most important part of your car. There are people, who have knowledge about the engine, and they can hear suspicious sounds in the engine while driving and that leads them to engine check up. However, many of us do not understand the sound, and come to know about a problem, only when it breaks down. So, it is wiser to take car once in a while for engine check up just to ensure everything is alright. So, the health of engine is the first priority.

ABC functioning

A stands for Accelerator, B for Brake and C for Clutch and these ABC are most important while driving a car. The brake should have adequate brake fluid and for better performance. The fluid of power steering should also be checked to ensure that functioning is alright. The brake should never too tight nor too lose.



Wheels and Tires are also part of maintenance. The tires get wear and tear during driving. One thing you must understand that front tires wear faster than the rear tires because of the load in cars. I personally feel, there is no need to replace the tires frequently with new tires. However, it should be rotated frequently. The rear wheels can be brought in the front wheel and vice-versa, just to use the resources well. However, new tires should be brought in case of heavy wear and tear. The air pressure in the wheels gets disturbed due to the heat that builds up during the drive. So, make sure that the air pressure is always maintained on the tires.

Maintenance has long lists and everything is important for durability and longevity of the cars. Cleaning it, shining it, checking of the fuel tank and so on can be added in the list. However, I feel that the basic cleaning process every car gets. However, the other technical things can be checked during check up for the car in frequent time. But, you should at least take care of the crucial things so that you do not end up as high and dry in a critical situation.